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I now have five days until I enter class. I have six days to the magical moment when in walks my new partner. I have seven days before I pick up the harness for the first time in a walk in public. These will be our firsts together on a new journey that will hopefully be a long and loving one.

In the week leading up to these firsts, though, there are lasts for Allegra and me. I took her to have her bathed yesterday, her last with me. Oh how beautiful and oh so soft she is. We will have our last shopping trip, our last night at bingo and of course the last time feeding her and taking her outside. Our last night will be a short one since I leave for the airport at 3:00 a.m. This girl doesn’t like to fly or the sound of jets so that last is not going to be a pleasant one for either of us. Then there is our goodbye, the hardest last of all. Though I have cried a river through the process of realizing we are not a good match and I know I have made the right decision, there are certain to be tears. 

Hearing from one of my trainers yesterday has made these firsts and lasts completely real to me now. Though I was given no idea about my new dog, I know this decision was the correct one, and for the first time I feel I am ready for the change. Two years ago today I came home with Allegra. On Easter Sunday I will come home with my new dog ready to tackle life and all it throws at us, and we will live it to the fullest with lasts way off in the future!