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Magic words!

Here is a question for everyone. When you accidentally step on your dog do you apologize? When you think about it the dog probably just thinks he is getting special attention. However, since I was a child I have always said I am sorry to my dogs if I know I caused pain. It is just what I do.Interesting how different dogs react to my apology too. This morning Sangria literally ran into my finger and it went directly into her eye. She didn’t make a sound, but I felt horrible, though she did it herself. I immediately called her to me, and when I picked her up and put her in my lap to hug her she wanted none of it. For a half second I was able to pet her and cuddle her and say I’m sorry, for my own sanity, and then she was off to meet the day again.

I guess this little one is more like me when I was small than I realized. Bump into something, hurts a minute and then go onto the next adventure, the invincible syndrome! At least I felt better for having said I’m sorry.When working my dogs, of course I will say I am sorry when I step on them, but I have also worked thank you very successfully into our work. When my dogs find something for me and I do not want the thing he is showing me, I thank him in a happy voice and move on. Soon they know those particular words mean not this time. Not only do I get to say those appreciative words, as I would say to a person who helped me, but it encourages him to stop there each time. Great things those “magic words” as my mom used to call them.