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Let me introduce you to the rest of my animal planet.

His name is Tommy, a story of its own, and he is a Quaker parakeet. Actually, I call him my pitkeet as you couldn’t get me to put any body part close to his cage. I did once and it was no kiss that landed on my arm. However, we do have some interesting conversations.

I digress from my story. My roommate and I had the dogs out to play on a particularly beautiful Florida day. Back and forth they ran. From the fence we heard an interesting bird sound. When my roommate turned around, there was Tommy sitting on the fence. Oh if we had only known who he was then. (smiley) She put her hand down near him, (brave girl) and asked if he wanted to step up. Of course he did, and of course my roommate just HAD, OH please, to have him. He has been here ever since! Very glad we had an extra cage!